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Cryptography: MAC - MC9s12xdp512

Discussion created by Ruben Campo on Jul 15, 2008
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Hi All,

We need to use a message authentication code (MAC) in a 10 bytes radio message. Our requirement is a 32-bit tag (32 bit MAC code). I was reading some information about MAC, HMAC, UMAC and so on, but I'm wondering if this algorithms are suitable for a MC9s12xdp512 mcu. ¿Is there any C-code available in freescale about MACs?

I think the best solution for this problem or, at least the simplest, is HMAC (with hash function output 32-bit.. I don't know what function is it!) or UMAC (this algorithm uses Uhash function, with three layers).

I'm really lost in these terms, perhaps somebody has worked with MACs and 16-bits MCUs and can help me.

Thanks in advance.




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