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omxplayer can't play specific mp3 file

Question asked by Allen Kim on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Allen Kim

Dear Community


we have a problem  playing mp3  ( android 5.1.1-2.1.0 GA , imx6dl sabresd board ) on omxplayer


Some specific mp3 file cannot play on omxplayer  

i read mp3 file on mp3tag program(  and just save it without modify tag vale

andthen that mp3 file can play on omxplayer 


attached file 

no_play.txt  :  cannot play 001(AKB48)XXXXX.mp3 ( issue.mp3  on above picture ) --> android display "The player doesn't support this type of audio file"

play.txt : can play 001(AKB48)XXXX_play_OK.mp3 ( issue_tagsaved.mp3 on above picture )


mp3tag program 



we read mp3 file and save without modify tag value   -> 001(AKB48)XXXX_play_OK.mp3



i checked omxplayer source(device/fsl-codec/ghdr/common/fsl_parser.h) , there are comment about all strings in the stream  should be utf-8


please guide some point about this issue



Thanks BR

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