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Maximum Frequency of ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT

Question asked by Eishi Shibusawa on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Dear Sir


I want to confirm about the Maximum Frequency of ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT.


I refer to the i.MX6DulaLite reference manual (IMX6SDLRM Rev.2) .

It is described as the follows.

At P796

Maximum Frequency of ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT = 540(MHz)

At P996

ACLK: EIM clock (main clock, AXI clock) with a Max frequency of 133Mhz.


I think that it means the Maximum Frequency of ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT = 133(MHz).


I refer to the i.MX6DualLite (Auto) Data sheet (IMX6SDLAEC Rev.7).

It is described at P52 in the RM as following.

The maximum frequency for CLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT is 132 MHz.



What is the correct Maximum Frequency of ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT?



Customer said that the default setting of the ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT in Linux BSP from NXP is 135MHz.


Can we understand that we should modify the setting of the ACLK_EIM_SLOW_CLK_ROOT for below 132MHz?


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