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Kinetis K40:  Which pins can be configured open drain; and which pins are 5V tolerant?

Question asked by Thomas Edel on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Thomas Edel

Is there some documentation as to which pins on the K40 devices can be configured open drain?  In the Reference Manual (Document Number: K40P100M72SF1RM Rev. 1.1, Dec 2012) in section "11.14.1 Pin Control Register n (PORTx_PCRn)" it indicates for the Open Drain Enable bit (ODE) that "This bit is read only for pins that do not support a configurable open drain output."  A similar statement is made for Drive Strength Enable, Passive Filter Enable, and some other options.  Are all pins that are configurable as GPIO configurable as open drain???  What about the Passive Filter option, Drive Strength Enable, and other options that have that same statement?  The data sheet for the K40 also does not appear to have that kind of information.

A related question is:  Which pins are 5-volt tolerant?  Is there a list for that somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your help.