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(Q4) Required queries about IMX6 ultra lite processor with RTC and VSNVS. Need help for clarification

Question asked by ramesh t on Dec 23, 2016
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RTC & VSNVS related Queries:
We are going to use external RTC for our application, so coin cell connected in external RTC circuit and the connected to for PMIC pin LICELL (36).


1. We hope Coin cell will get charged once the RAW power comes to Vin pin of the PMIC through enabling  COINCHEN bit,  VCOIN[2:0] bits on register COINCTL. Am i right? And what is the defalut current allowed to charge coin cell?

2. Without Coin cell input also VSVNS output will generate once VIN RAW power comes, So please confirm the power up sequence will not get affected.




Please confirm our Schematic design below for Coin cell battery charge through PMIC Vin and VSNVS power -up sequence will not get affect.



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