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Re-flashing S08PT60 Using OSBDM On TWR-S08DC-PT60

Question asked by Gordon Doughman on Dec 16, 2016

While working for Freescale/NXP and supporting customers, I always had trouble using the TWR-S08DC-PT60 with the  on-board OSBDM interface. I could never get CW (Classic or Eclipse) to place the device in active background when using the on-board OSBDM interface if there was no code in the PT60. I always got around this by using a USB Multilink and supplying external power through J8 so I could power cycle the PT60.


Studying the schematic, I now see that if using this board in standalone mode with the OSBDM interface, there is no way to cycle power to the PT60 since the output of the 3.3 volt regulator is "hardwired" to the PT60's supply pins. In addition, the input to the regulator, is connected directly to the USB 5 volt supply.


So, the conclusion I've come to is that if either there is no code (or "run away" code) in the PT60 there is no way to force the PT60 into active background (i.e. when CW requests that power be cycled). Has anyone hacked this board or found a solution to this problem?


I'd like to use this little board to teach a basic microcontrollers class, but most certainly, students will download "run away" code at some point and have no way to regain control of the PT60.


Any help would be appreciated.