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sleep VLLS mode retain sram not working?

Question asked by mjg8t on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by mjg8t

Hi there,

I need to go into low power and retain RAM.  The VLLS3 mode should do this no problem.  I have taken the demo application "power mode switch" to base my application on.  The demo seems to work fine going in and out of power modes.  But, when I check the SRAM contents of data should not be lost on wake it always reads zero.   I added a "count" variable which is output to the UART and the count should be incremented each time the device is put to sleep.  But the count always reads 0.  


Should I be doing anything special to retain the SRAM during VLLS3?


I have created a standalone project and attached.  

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