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MMPF0100: Verify LDO outputs on KITPF0100SKTEVBE

Question asked by Naveen HN on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales


I am working on programming MMPF0100PAEP for a custom SoC. I have KITPF0100SKTEVBE+KITPFPGMEVME and installed KITPFGUI (Rev4.1). I created OTP script using "OTP Configuration" tab in KITPFGUI. I programmed the OTP fuses. Removed KITPFPGMEVME from my laptop. Re-connected KITPFPGMEVME  and restarted GUI. Extracted the OTP data with "Get Input" option in "Program" tab. I read back the exact values written to OTP which confirmed that the OTP has been correctly programmed.


Before mounting MMPF0100 onto my application board, I wanted to check whether LDOs of PMIC can be powered and check the output voltages on VGENx outputs for the programmed values on KITPF0100SKTEVBE board. I removed KITPFPGMEVME. Provided 3.3V from external bench power supply to the board (3v3_TP1) and LED1 is glowing. Next, I connected 3.3V from bench to VIN1 (Pin 17) which is the input voltage to LDOs VGEN1, VGEN2. As per functionality, VGEN1 and VGEN2 should provide the regulated voltage as per OTP settings for these two LDOs. However, I observed 3.22V on both VGEN1 and VGEN2 outputs (pins 16, 18) instead of 1.1V and 1.2V respectively.


Why I am not able to see the correct voltages at VGEN1 and VGEN2? Is there anything I am missing? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


The extracted data from PMIC is provided below:

Extracted OTP Data from Target Device :
Converted OTP Programming Data:
OTP REG:[A0] = [0x24]
OTP REG:[A1] = [0x03]
OTP REG:[A2] = [0x05]
OTP REG:[A8] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[A9] = [0x03]
OTP REG:[AA] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[AC] = [0x1C]
OTP REG:[AD] = [0x02]
OTP REG:[AE] = [0x01]
OTP REG:[B0] = [0x2C]
OTP REG:[B1] = [0x02]
OTP REG:[B2] = [0x01]
OTP REG:[B4] = [0x2C]
OTP REG:[B5] = [0x02]
OTP REG:[B6] = [0x01]
OTP REG:[B8] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[B9] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[BA] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[BC] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[BD] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[C0] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[C4] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[C8] = [0x06]
OTP REG:[C9] = [0x01]
OTP REG:[CC] = [0x08]
OTP REG:[CD] = [0x04]
OTP REG:[D0] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[D1] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[D4] = [0x07]
OTP REG:[D5] = [0x04]
OTP REG:[D8] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[D9] = [0x05]
OTP REG:[DC] = [0x07]
OTP REG:[DD] = [0x02]
OTP REG:[E0] = [0x0E]
OTP REG:[E1] = [0x0E]
OTP REG:[E2] = [0x0E]
OTP REG:[E8] = [0x00]
OTP REG:[FF] = [0x08]