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No UART Tx on one pin using Processor Expert

Question asked by Matthew Rentz on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Matthew Rentz

Hi all,

I'm new to KDS and processor expert and I'm trying to get the UART working on a new design. I can't seem to get the UART Tx to work on one of the available pins (PTA3) but I can if I mux it to the other possible pin for that peripheral (PTB1).


When I run the code the pin always stays logic low when using PTA3. If I just change the pin muxing using the hardware configuration tools it works fine on PTB1.


Receiving works fine using the PTA2 port so it seems I've set it up correctly.


Has anyone else seen something similar or maybe could give some pointers on how to troubleshoot this?



KDS version: 3.2.0

Debugger: Multilink Universal FX