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Question asked by Peter Koblauch on Dec 2, 2016



I've got a cheap usbdm from ebay.

When I look inside I can see that it is based on an MC9S08JS16(CWJ).

With CodeWarrior 10.7 on Winsows 7 64 bits.

And the most recent version of the usbdm software and usbdm driver from sourceforge (v.4.12) installed.


This setup works fine with an MC9S08QG4 target.

Download, breakpoints, registers, variables, .. everything great.


Problem is with an MC9S08PA4AVTG target. Brand new, never programmed before.

Here I get

"Connection with the target has failed. Please cycle power to the target. Retry connection?"

all the time. It never works.


I'm using the same target setup (breadboard, bdm connector, etc) for both scenarios,

just switching the the bareboard object images and the target MCUs.

The QG4 works great the PA4A fails miserably.

I've tried with different target power setups, both from CW Debug Configuration

and the board itself (which has dip swiches for 0v, 3v, and 5v) with no luck.

Also with a different PA4A.



The PA4A is a bargain compared to any MCU out there and I would really like to make it work.


Has anybody seen the same problem?


Has anybody made a PA4A work in a similar configuration? Or with any chip in the PA/PT family?


Has anybody made a PA4A work in a different configuration?



I appreciate any help or feed-back

Does not have to be long, "Works for me" or similar would be great. 



  Peter Koblauch



A day later:

  I tried the stand-alone HCS08 Flash programmer (no CW),

  Program/version USBDM-JS16-SWD_SER-0001, BDA Firmware Ver 4.12.1, DLL  Ver

and the results are similar:

1) when clicking "Detect Chip"

   1) QG4 is detected correctly

   2) for the PA4A I get "Connection with target has failed ... etc"




Added Monday Dec 5, 2016

Change:  to subject line to specify processot target type

Also point out that this is a brand new, never-programmed before target chip

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