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Changing LCD contrast (to prevent Ghosting)

Question asked by Santhosh Ramani on Dec 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,


Can you please let me know if there are any specific tricks to change the LCD contrast to prevent Ghosting? Here are the schematics and code for my board. The driver functions properly, I'm able to turn on/off individual segments but the I can see some of the segments that are off.


Additional Info:

1. LCD Glass capacitance is 3000pF

2. I'm using the internal regulator to generate the voltages VLL1, VLL2, and VLL3.

3. I'm using the internal 8Mhz clock, IRC8M divided down to 31.25Khz LCD clock.

4. I'm using 11 Segments (Front panel) and 4 COMs (Back panel)





I'm hoping there is a simple fix to this. 


Thank you