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MMA9551 upgrade firmware failed.

Question asked by Leslie Mao on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Jacques Trichet

On my board, there is no firmware for mma9551. Based on that, I use command interpreter to download a new version to mma9551. After entering unprotect flash mode, mass erase the flash and then write flash with new version. However, the upgrading process is failed. The write flash response error code is 0xD0. Reading the reference manual, found that no rights to access the flash. However, it seems very strange that the writing flash failed is not happened at start. After some pages write successfully, the upgrade process failed due to no right to access one specific page. Does somebody have any idea?


More strange is that when upgrade the new firmware version on a board with mma9551 equipped with firmware. It is successful with no errors.