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K64 Reflash - HardFault - but why

Question asked by joe hinkle on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Hui_Ma

K64 has my Bootloader installed.


It has an Application that loads at 0x1000.


Two boards - same issue.


Both boards were working fine for a week.  My tester (in Canada) was helping debug the application and cycled power to the micro.  Power had NOT go all the way to zero before it came back on.  Same situation - both boards - different days. After this power cycle event -- the App fails to run -- I think a Hardfault is occurring.


The Bootloader performs a checksum which passes but when it jumps to the App -- it just dies. I have an LED that is suppose to light when a HardFault occurs and it's lit. 


I wrote a remote loader that would talk to the Bootloader and update the Application.  Process tested on my bench works perfectly.


On the two subject boards - the new Application is made available to the Bootloader.  It flashes the new App into the K64 - and verifies each block that is flashed -- also verifies overall checksum.  All pass - but fails when it jumps to the App.


I can not think of a failure mode associated with power cycling that would do something to the micro.


Do You have any ideas or comments?


I suspect the failure is NOT flash related since It just performed a reflash and verified itself.


Can anyone think of a component within the micro that can be suspect?


Any ideas or comments are welcomed -- this one has me puzzled!!.






By the way ... I've the the flash protected so I can't connect a jtag debugger to see what's going on -- got to think this one thru.