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please help wiring.h

Question asked by pedro carvalho on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by LPCX presso support

please i am new here and i do not know exactly were to post this question , but i will try here .



i found a source code for a synthesizer on the net called  dsp-g1 , the source code is here:


The dsp-G1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer Source Code · GitHub


it uses the LPC810  , i download the adafruit code base for this chip that is here :


GitHub - microbuilder/LPC810_CodeBase: Open source code base for the ARM Cortex M0+ LPC810 family from NXP 


then imported to LPCxpresso .


then i replace the main.c with the source code of the dsp-g1 synth


then i Build , but LPCXpresso gives error...   that    wiring.h  and sct_fsm.h     are not found



please were do i can get that files ?


there are only 3 includes in the source code :


#include "wiring.h"
#include "LPC8xx.h"

#include "sct_fsm.h"


excuse my ignorance and my bad english  , Thanks in advance !