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MQX support for codewarrior

Question asked by CSMG Sarma on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by CSMG Sarma

Hi List,

I am installing MQX4.2 for my CW10.7 Environment. I was hoping to find a Codewarrior extension in the setup which I am not able to see.The MQX setup looks this:



I have tried googling for this problem and found a solution here. The links given here are directing to NXP's home page and I am at a dead end. What I understand is that the codewarrior extensions have to be installed after installing MQX. I dont find them in the tools section either.


Surprisingly, when I try to create a new project, I see an option for "MQX Lite".


MQX Lite is not my requirement.


Is there any alternative for installing MQX extensions in CW10.7?