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LPC43xx - I2S1 Rx -> I2S0 Tx P2P DMA?

Question asked by Nathan Smith on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Carlos_Mendoza

On the NGX 4330 Xplorer board, the I2S DMA sample demonstrates nicely using the peripheral to peripheral DMA transfer (GPDMA_TRANSFERTYPE_P2P_CONTROLLER_SrcPERIPHERAL) from the RX to TX paths on the I2S0 peripheral: 

    uint8_t continue_Flag = 1, bufferUART = 0xFF;
    /* Initialize GPDMA controller */
    /* Setting GPDMA interrupt */
    NVIC_SetPriority(DMA_IRQn, ((0x01 << 3) | 0x01));


    dmaChannelNum_I2S_Rx = Chip_GPDMA_GetFreeChannel(LPC_GPDMA, I2S_DMA_RX_CHAN);


    Chip_GPDMA_Transfer(LPC_GPDMA, dmaChannelNum_I2S_Rx,

However, in the application I am targeting, I want to connect two different I2S source devices onto the pins of I2S0 and use the pin mux to switch between the two sources.  That part is simple enough.  I2S1 is used as the transmitter to an I2S amplifier.   BEFORE spinning a board I want to determined if it is possible to use the peripheral to peripheral DMA transfer between I2S1 receiver to trigger transfer to the I2S0 transmitter.  I'm trying to avoid buffering and transmitting from a buffer if possible.


I'm assuming the DMA example will work by changing the I2S base peripheral in the Chip_I2S_DMA_RxCmd DMA setup but I it is difficult to test with the NGX Xplorer board.


Does anyone know if this is possible?  If so, do you know what the Chip_I2S_DMA_TxCmd( I2S1..) , Chip_I2S_DMA_RxCmd( I2S0..) and Chip_GPDMA_Transfer setup is for triggering between the two I2S peripherals for this scenario?