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LPC1769 Main oscillator doesn't ready or stable

Question asked by Mariano Vedovato on Nov 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hi everyone!
I'm reviewing a sitck (of embedded artist) that has troubles with the main oscillator.

I can see in debug mode that always any program will be stuck in the follow part of the initialization:


#define SCS_Value                0x00000020


SCS = SCS_Value;
    if (SCS_Value & (1 << 5))               /* If Main Oscillator is enabled      */
        while ((SCS & (1<<6)) == 0);/* Wait for Oscillator to be ready    */  ---> STUCK


I have probed to change the crystal (12MHz) connected to the 22 and 23 pins but I still haven't luck.

The owner of the stick told me that him only it used with one test program, he don't remember to did any strange configuration.

Is there possible to recover the MCU to a kind special way of factory configuration? Or maybe the only solution is to change the MCU for other new part?

Thanks in advance!