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CAN for Motor Control Toolbox for MPC5643 on the PMSM kit from NXP

Question asked by Yuchen CHEN on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by John Floros

Hi there,


I've been struggling on this for a while. I'm configuring the CAN communication on the PMSM kit from NXP, in the below link.

PMSM Development Kit with MPC5643L MCU|NXP 

The can_simple example that comes with the toolbox doesn't work on this kit, however, I have tested this module on the blue free evaluation board of MPC5643 from my local contact. It worked. 

I submitted a help ticket on NXP customer support then. They sent me a simple project with just CAN transmission (hand written, not generated with MCToolbox). This compiled .elf works on the PMSM kit, but doesn't work on my blue evaluation board. So I'm pretty sure it's not my hardware broken. And there might be something not written properly or configured properly in the Motor Control Toolbox, so it's not compatible with the PMSM kit.

I'm not a software engineer, and I don't have software support resources in our team to spend months reading the reference manual and learn to use this microcontroller, not this year. That was why we chose to buy this toolbox, and the PMSM kit. They all come from NXP, there shall not be any compatibility issue and if any, I shall be able to get help from NXP. 

So anybody knows about this issue, please help me!

Thank you!