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MQX Light - Sleep in Idle Task - How to enable properly?

Question asked by Philipp Laemmler on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Philipp Laemmler

Hello everybody


I'm using KDS 3.0.0 with SDK 1.3. My application is using MQX Light out of Processor Expert. Processor Type MK02FN128VFM10.


I have a question regarding Sleep during Idle Task.

I'm a Little bit confused about the defines. One one Hand it is possible to enable Low Power Modes and on the other Hand it is not possible to enable the sleep during idle Task.

Please see the Pictures below.


I have enabled the MQX_ENALBE_LOW_POWER in the mqx_cnfg.h.

But I Need to Change the Parameter of the Idle Task. If i do it in the mqx.h it throws an error.


How do I pass a Parameter other than 0 to the Idle Task?

Is there any Driver available?