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Problems with "Peek and Poke" application (I2C kit NTAG plus Explorer Kit OM5569 / NT322E and ER)

Question asked by Jean-Louis VERN on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I have some problems with Peek and Poke application that comes with the evaluation kit "NTAG I2C plus" OM5569/NT322ER


1) Reset button (In peel and poke) reset to 0 (at least) the register configuration and AUTH0 contrary to what is stated in the documentation UM10967 4.2.4. After a reset, the tag is seen as protected by NFC readers ... but is still read by the NFC reader uTrust 3700F after a number of tests.
2) After a reset (with Peek and Poke), if I valid AUTH0 with 0xFF, the Android NTAG I2C Demo application sees that the tag is no longer protected, but NTAG I2C Demo application with the PC player uTrust 3700F kit continues to believe that the tag is always protected. If now we make a Reset with the application NTAG I2C Demo Android, the application indicates an error, but the tag is seen as no longer protected by the USB NFC reader PC (uTrust 3700F with NTAG I2C Demo).

3) Problems with the window "Configuration Registers" I have a tag in which I2C_CLOCK_STR is 0 and RF_LOCKED is 1. If I try to put I2C_CLOCK_STR 1 (RF_LOCKED inchanged), I get the following message:

if I clear RF_LOCKED and set I2C_CLOCK_STR, I have no error message, but if I do a Read Config, nothing has changed ( RF_LOCKED=1,  I2C_CLOCK_STR = 0). If I go directly to central grid and I change the address manually 3A5 with a value of 1, after Block Write, I note that in the "Configuration Registers" I2C_CLOCK_STR the flag is at 1. But it is impossible to reset the RF_LOCKED to 0 trying to set 0 directly the address 3A6 in the central grid.

4) At powerup, the "Peek and Poke Utility" does not warn if the device type is not correct (but warns if you change to an incorrect device).

5) It would be convenient to write directly ASCII values in the right pane.

6) In UM10967 documentation, chapter 4.4.3, an indication of 0x7A address for the "configuration register" 2k tag is incorrect for NT3H2211 tags.


Do you soon improve tools "peek and poke" and "NTAG I2C Demo"?