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How do I boot from external Flash(Nor chip)

Question asked by 源 海橋 on Nov 4, 2016


Plz help me.

I'm using Keil MCB4300.

I want to boot from External Flash(Nor).

How do I boot from external memory?


I already did them.


1.Writing ".bin" file be made by LPCExpresso to nor chip.(my apprication copied bin file from SDCard to nor chip)

2. I already checked there was such file on nor chip by LPCExpresso's dump.

3.boot pin is set to EMC-32bit mode.

4.ISP+Reset push, and release reset button.

But I could'nt Boot.


plz tell me, what's was wrong?



I checked Hex file was able to copy to board by USART mode and Flash magic.