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M5329EVB C Stationary - ISR trouble on CW 6.4

Discussion created by Matthias Kreider on Jun 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2008 by Matthias Kreider

I got a problem with the interrupt handling in the M5329EVB C stationary.
The vectors.s is the standard one that came with the stationary, and I placed a
breakpoint in the low level ISR handler for testing.

It does not even reach the handler function, the moment any ISR is thrown,
it says "Exception vector name: Illegal instruction".

From what I've read, the illegal instruction in the ISR vector could be caused by a bad
memory layout that overwrites the interrupt vector with the heap.
(sounds reasonable to me, but I expected a little more from the stationary).
I tried reducing the heapsize as suggested, but that does not help.

I'd be glad for any help or ideas here

Greetz - Matt