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[Urgent]- LVDS IC PTN3460IBS Issue

Question asked by Litao Wen on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Tomas Vaverka

This is Janet from MiTwell, a Portwell subsidiary.

We found an issue at our customer ‘s end which seems to be caused by the LVDS IC from NXP and now need to solve it urgently as this issue has been pending and our customer is now very upset and impatient.


It is regarding to your eDP to LVDS IC, PTN3460IBS.

After multiple tests, we learned that the issue is caused by the IC and found that the board soldered with some of your IC were found white-screen issue while some were not.

With further analysis, we found that the IC with and without issues are with different serial numbers:


The IC without issues:



1         02



The IC with issues:



1         01



Could you please let us know, the difference of these to batches as soon as possible for us to do further analysis and find the solution for our customer’s issue?

We have been striving to solve this issue.

Your fast response would be appreciated!

Thank you.