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use eim in userspace

Question asked by Wenjie Zhang on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by igorpadykov


   yesterday i configured eim in our board to communicate with fpga, and use /unit_test/memtools (./memtools -16 0x0800000a=0x000f)tool to test it ,and i successfully read the  data(0x000f) in fpga , so eim is configured correctly. but i have a problem:how to use eim without memtools. i found in board_init function ,when configuring eim interface , i register a platform device (physmap-flash) into the system, and the resource of it is start with CS0_BASE_ADDR and end with CS0_BASE_ADDR+0x02000000-1 which is just the memory space of eim, so i check the /sys/devices/platform/physmap-flash.0 but there is no driver, does it mean if i want to use eim as a device, i have to write a driver for it? or nxp support the driver ,and i didn't find it?or there is other way to use it? i have checked rm and firmware guide,and got nothing. i use imx6q-sabresd board and linux-3.0.35.

   Thank you very much!