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T2080 Serdes lane disable

Question asked by Ammasi Kani V on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Ammasi Kani V

Hi Team,

    I am using T2080 Processor in my custom board. My serdes section hardware connections are as below:

Serdes-1 --> (x4 PCIe - A,B,C,D) & (x4 PCIe - E,F,G,H)

Serdes-2 --> (x4 PCIe - E,F,G,H) 

but i want only x2 PCIe from Serdes-2 E&F lane.

If i am using (AB-1F) protocol means, is there any possibilities to disable the serdes-2 [G,H] lane so that only x2 PCIe i can use it for my communication?  I am looking for your purport on this problem. Thanks in advance.