KSDK UART_Adapter Typo

Discussion created by RYAN BRYNGELSON on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by RYAN BRYNGELSON

I noticed what looks like a copy/paste error in UART_Adapter.c.  In the LPUART_InitializeUART_Initialize, and LPSCI_Initialize functions, the initialization of the state doesn't assign NULL to pTxData (but instead assigns pRxData twice).  For example...


base = mLpuartBase[instance];
pLpuartStates[instance] = pState;
pState->rxCbParam = 0;
pState->txCbParam = 0;
pState->pRxData = NULL;
pState->pRxData = NULL;
pState->rxSize = 0;
pState->txSize = 0;


I believe the line in red should read:


pState->pTxData = NULL;