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MPC5777C's STCU Problem

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Alice Li

Dear All,


I develop with MPC5777C and ETAS RTA OS.

Chip S/N : SPC5777CCMME3  3N45H CTFA1624A

Also I implemented MCAL RTM Version for our application.


I want to configure STCU and get a BIST result. But STCU2 module looks has some problem.

Most test results are failed or not yet completed..

As I know, STCU off line test is executed automaticallly,, So It doesn't need that related Source code..

Also Refer to my UTEST area, STCU RUN is Enabled.(Set Default Value)

I don't know why do this...

Please give me advice and solution.


Best Regards,