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How to make four ethernet ports with one i.MX6DualLite processor?

Question asked by Leonid Prokhorov on Sep 29, 2016
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 We decided to use i.MX6DualLite processor in our new device for some reasons. But it have only one ethernet port. We need at least four 10/100BASE-TX ethernet ports with independent MACs.

 What is a good solutions for this?

I think in two ways:

The first - using four SPI Ethernet controllers like Microchip's KSZ8851. But is there any drivers for that IC in Linux?

The second - using any PCI-E LAN chips, but as i understand i also need PCI-E 4 port bridge to attach 4 lan chips to i.MX6. I am not good with PCI-E, so could you please advice, which lan chips i can use? And which PCI-E bridge is good for this task?


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