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[MPC574XG] FreeRTOS Port

Question asked by jack_jones on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by jack_jones

Hello community,


I need task handling and TCP/IP support for my application to run.

Therefore I want to use FreeRTOS. I am aware that there is already a port of FreeRTOS for the MPC57XX which can be downloaded from here: MPC574xB/C/D/G|32-bit MCU|Gateway|NXP 

The problem is that this port is not directly usable with the S32 Design Studio.

The port uses own initialization functions (hw_intc.h, hw_pit.h, hw_gpio.h, etc.) and assembler code, which is different from the one in S32.

Nevertheless I managed to get it starting, but the PIT part still makes some problems.

Especially the OS_PlatformInit(). Additionally the prvPortTimerSetup() function in the xPortStartScheduler() in port.c.

If I comment out the OS_PlatformInit() and the prvPortTimerSetup(), I can manage to get one LED up and running as a task. But I guess, as the PIT is not configured, vTaskStartScheduler() cannot change between the tasks.

Here is a screen from the Trace32 Debugger:


It would be great, if someone could guide me, how the PIT and the INTC in conjunction must be configured.

An own S32 project for FreeRTOS would of course be very useful.


Best regards,