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How to use Pass Through with SRAM mapping (section 11.3)

Question asked by KF Choong on Sep 19, 2016
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Hi Sir / Madam,


I need your help in configuring Pass Through which can be use in 2 way communication.  Millions of thanks.

I would like to configure pass through and use the SRAM mapping feature of NTAG I2C 1K.  With reference to NT3H1101_1201.pdf, Page 52/65, Section 11.3.1 SRAM buffer mapping, it says that "  In Pass-through mode, the SRAM is mirrored to pages F0h to FFh sector 0 for the NTAG I²C 1k "  .  Does this means that after I configure Pass Through (session register, NC_REG byte, bit 6 - PTHRU_ON_OFF = 1b) , what I wrote to SRAM (Block address 0xF8 to 0xFB) from I2C interface will be automatically mirrored to location, starting at 0xF0 ?  And the data in block 0xF0 can be retrieve by another NFC device, for example device B ?  Also, device B can write to this location (block address 0xF0) , and then data in this location can be access by I2C interface, and then to Microcontroller ? 


 I have configured Pass Through and then write to SRAM,  then I use another device to scan the NFC of this device and retrieve its data.  From my IDE, I read through all 255 pages of data,  the portion at page 0xF0 (from RF perspective)  is all 0x00, which is not correct.  Please help.




Thank you for your advice.




KF Choong