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Clock Cofiguration for TIMER

Question asked by DSPIC MIC on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hi ,

I am using the S32KXXX micro in my project . I want to use LPTMR module to produce delay in my application.

I have studied all LPTMR ,LPIT and FTM module of this controller .

I want to use MPTMR module to produce delay of 10 Milli-second.I want use crystal frequency to tick the my LPTMR.

My crystal frequency is 16 MHz .every thing is ok as for as concern of LPTR module .

I want help to configure my clock that is being used for My LPTMR module.


4-5 :TPS ->Timer Pin Select
Configures the input source to be used in Pulse Counter mode. TPS must be altered only when the
LPTMR is disabled. The input connections vary by device. See the chip configuration information about
connections to these inputs.
00b - Pulse counter input 0 is selected. -> SIRCDIV2_CLK
01b - Pulse counter input 1 is selected. -> LPO1K_CLK
10b - Pulse counter input 2 is selected.->CLK32K
11b - Pulse counter input 3 is selected.-> any of the 7 clock option of PCC module.

i want to use "11" TPS value means any of the clock option from PCC module.


and also i want know of the role of SCG module for the configuration of clock for LPTMR as i am using crystal friquency(16 MHz) .



Please help me , i need your kind support .