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EHV bit and ERS bit of C55FMC_MCR can not cleared automatically

Question asked by liu jinhang on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by liu jinhang


i want some help to explain a phenomenon i observed in my 5744P program.

in the end of my program i used the emulation eeprom system to save some data. when the program restart in a short time from last end, i found the EHV bit and ERS bit of C55FMC_MCR will be set all the time without clearing automatically by MCU self.

the phenomenon occurs in low probality.

i want to know the possible reason about the EHV bit and ERS bit of C55FMC_MCR can not cleared by MCU self, and how to clear the EHV bit and ERS bit of C55FMC_MCR mannually.

please help me as soon as possible, thanks very much