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The S12VM31M performance to control a BLDC motor with sensorless control.

Question asked by atsushiyoshida on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by Matej Pacha

Dear Sir/Madam,


I was required to run a 3-phase 4-pole brushless DC motor at 40,000rpm or more with sensorless control using S12VM31M.

Because of this BLDC motor speed and sensorless control, I need to control the BLDC motor within 125usec each speed control period.
Main tasks for the CPU to control the BLDC motor are:
Reading three winding coil current with ADC,
Calculating to estimate rotor position to set drive voltage for the next control period and
Controlling the BLDC motor current during next control period with adequate voltage.
I am wondering if all the tasks can be done in time for the speed control period which is 125us.


Are there any theoretical way to confirm possibility to use the S12VM31M for this application?
Is there anyone who did run a BLDC motor with sensorless control at 40,000rpm or more?
What is maximum speed to control a BLDC motor with sensorless control using the S12VM31M?


Any information and/or your recommendation to confirm and/or to estimate if the S12VM31M can be workable with this application will be appreciated.