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problem with ENET_ATVR

Question asked by Masashi Wakatsuki on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Masashi Wakatsuki


I 'm using iMX6Q evaluation board (not made by NXP) and trying to use IEEE1588 feature, but it does'nt work.


I checked registers of ENET.

I set the register [CAPTURE](adrs: 0218_8400 bit 11) "1", and checked the register [ATIME](adrs: 0218_8404),
but value of [ATIME] is always "0".


So, I think there is something wrong with register setting of internal clock of ENET.
Could you give me a advice of possible cause?
(With this board, ethernet itself does work.)


I have iMX6 SABLE board too, and it has no problem.
(by setting CAPUTRE register, i can get ATIME value)

Thank you.