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There is a problem in programming 56F8323 with CodeWarrior for DSC56800E v8.2

Question asked by kaveh kiyanmajd on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by 金峰 吴



I have a USB Multilink Universal (PEmicro)  ,and I installed codewarrior 8.2 in win7 64bit,when I plugin the Multilink,

its appear "usb Multilink" in device manager.

when i want to program DSC(mc56f8323) with freescale 56800E Flash programmer, i Encounter with this error:"CCCSClient::ConfigChain: USB open failure".

i do that steps in the application notes number "AN4338SW". but its not any result.

What else can I try?

Thanks in advance for any help