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LWtimer not working properly

Question asked by sunil vasudevan on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by Daniel Chen


I am trying to get periodic timer interrupts for specific time interval(1s) .It is found that number of ticks per second is 200.I have created the timer in the following way



_lwtimer_create_periodic_queue(&off_timerPeriodQueue, OffTime+1, 0 );


_lwtimer_add_timer_to_queue( &off_timerPeriodQueue, &off_timer, OffTime, off_timer_isr, NULL );


So accordingly if I give value of Offtime as 200,it should call the ISR after I sec,am I right?But I am not getting the callback.


Can anybody give any suggestions?


I tried with only one task.. At that time it is accurately working(when I give 200 it waits for 1 sec, when I give 400,it waits for 2 sec..)...When the number of tasks are getting increased, it is not working properly...So can anybody suggest any idea to work the timer precisely if program is having 3-4 tasks?


thanks in advance