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Connecting external SRAM to MCF5249 144-QFP

Discussion created by Oskar Andreasson on Jun 13, 2008
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I'm currently working on software upgrades for a product based on MCF5249 processor in a 144-QFP packaging. The product hardware is connected to an external SRAM (http://download.cypress.com.edgesuite.net/design_resources/datasheets/contents/cy7c1021cv33_8.pdf) that has never been used before. The original developers connected an LCD screen to CS1, and the cypress SRAM to CS2. Development environment is Green Hill Multi.

Problem is when I move a char* into the external sram and try to sprintf a string to that variable. If I strcpy or memset the region, it behaves as expected (abcdefghij becomes abcdefghij). But if i sprintf the string "abcdefghij" to the cypress sram, I get "bbddffhhjj".

Can anyone explain this behavior, and how I might solve it? I am leaning towards initialization/setup error, but might be wrong? Is this possible at all? :smileyhappy:

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