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How to initial cortex-m4 of i.mx6 solo x?

Question asked by jingyang xie on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by jingyang xie

I want to use both Cortex-A9 and cortex-m4 of i.mx6 solo x ,but I cannot understand the content in IMX6SXRM:

  Cortex-A9 always boots as the primary core.

• Cortex-M4 does not have a boot ROM and at POR is not provided a clock.

• Cortex-A9 ROM is responsible for the following:

• Loading and authenticating A9 bootloader and initiating Cortex-M4
firmware as a unified image.


Can anyone tell me how to initial cortex-m4 by u-boot of A9?

Please described it in detail.