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RCW bin file

Question asked by William Anderson on Jul 21, 2016
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  I am new here so please pardon me if I've missed the obvious.

I do not see any instructions for generating the u-boot-sd-rcw-20.bin and u-boot-sd-rcw-70.bin

files which I believe are needed for the SD Flash on the ls1021aiot eval board. I see these files on the

SD card I got from the factory but dont see then generated in the bitbake fsl-image-rds image output.

  Any help appreciated.

I am using openSuse 13.2 on my build machine. using this distro with Freescale-Linux-SDK-for-LS1021AIOT Rev2-v0.4-20150907-yocto.iso is not fully supported/tested it appears.  Dependancy on python-curses library was not detected.  I also see a warning on linux-qoriq_3.12.bbappend having no recipe during builds.  Don't know if this is related but its the only