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MPC5645 DSPI Interrupt Reading

Question asked by Rehan Khan on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Rehan Khan

void ISR78_DSPI0ISR(void)


volatile uint32_t DSPI_SR_Value;

  receive_dspi_data0 = (uint16_t)DSPI_0.POPR.R;

  DSPI_SR_Value = DSPI_0.SR.R;



  if(DSPI_0.SR.B.RXCTR == 0x0) {

        receive_flag0 = 1;




In above code I am trying to read the DSPI status register and checking RXCTR value but I never get RXCTR value greater than zero even if I have received frame. I can see the RXCTR value in JTAG debugger window but when I take value DSPI_0.SR.R in variable I cant see the RXCTR value, it is always zero in the value stored in variable.


Please help