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Is PRC_SEL 3 or 4 bits

Question asked by Kent Clark on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Aleksandar Vinchev

While researching interrupt logic on the MPC5748G processor, on page 611 in the document MPC5748GRM.pdf, Rev.4, bits in PRC_SEL in register INTC_PSRn are shown to be only 3 bits, but looking at source for examples it appears to be 4-bits and aligned differently.  The example code that comes with the S32 Studio, V1.1 has the following configuration so some help here would be appreciated.


From pit.c in hello+pll+interrupt example.


   INTC.PSR[226].B.PRC_SELN = 0x8;  /* IRQ sent to Core 0 */


   INTC.PSR[227].B.PRC_SELN = 0x4;     /* IRQ sent to Core 1 */


   INTC.PSR[228].B.PRC_SELN = 0x2;     /* IRQ sent to Core 2 */