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QMAN lock-up when halting code execution

Question asked by Tobias Hallberg on Jul 4, 2016



We are currently working on an Ethernet-driver for the P4080 (rev. 3), during most conditions it runs well.

However we are having some problems when using a Lauterbach debugger to halt  code execution. If halting is done soon after initialization and there is traffic present on the network, it causes the QMAN to lock-up.

The configuration we’re using is somewhat simplified with 1 dTSEC and 2 SW portals for QMAN. Portal 0 is used for transmission and reception of frames, and portal 1 for tx confirmation. Both portals are used in push-mode.


By judging from the status registers, FMAN and dTSEC seems to run ok.

The lock-up of QMAN leads to that all its registers become unresponsive, which makes it impossible to read out the portal status from the command register.

There is no interrupt or other error bits set in the QMAN-registers.


A snapshot of the registers in portal 0 is after lock-up has occurred is attached below.Portal 0.PNG