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Security motion detector

Discussion created by Rostislav Stepanov on Jun 23, 2016
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I am developing a PIR based motion detector using Zigbee. In a project created with BeeKit I found  API set like


* @fn zbStatus_t ZCL_IASZoneClusterServer(zbApsdeDataIndication_t *pIndication, afDeviceDef_t *pDevice)


* @brief Processes the requests received on the IAS Zone Cluster Server.



zbStatus_t ZCL_IASZoneClusterServer


    zbApsdeDataIndication_t *pIndication,

    afDeviceDef_t *pDev



I didn't find that this request handler is called anywhere in the created with BeeKit code. Do exist a document explaining usage of API like this or any example?

Thank you in advance.