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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dragilla on Sun Jan 29 07:58:15 MST 2012
Hello again :)

I fixed all my hard faults, and other silly errors and now I faced another behavior of my hardware which I don't understand.
I have an IMU 6DOF board (accelerometer and gyroscope) connected to my lpcxpresso 1769 board through i2c. The whole set works 100% ok... for a while :) Last time it run for almost 3 hours with no fault. But if I wait long enough the program always gets stuck in one line:

static uint32_t I2C_Start (LPC_I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx)

// Wait for complete
while (!(I2Cx->I2CONSET & I2C_I2CONSET_SI)); // <--- HERE IT GETS STUCK

And it stops here from the function that reads data from the gyroscope (ITG3200) - never the accelerometer. 3 hours is kind of long... my loop reading data from this IMU board runs at 100hz... so I don't have much idea of what can happen. Do you?

I tried changing clock speeds for the I2C - the default was 100khz, I tried 120khz as my core clock is 120mhz, then I tried 60khz - same result.
The itg3200 can run on frequencies from 0 to 400khz.

I even tried rearranging the code, to put the accelerometer reading before the gyroscope. I tried putting some other commands between the two reads, to make a time gap between using the i2c - nothing.

Please give me an idea what can I try. Maybe I should try to do something with my hardware, or something?