Linker script ASSERT syntax errors

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Hello Support,

I think I have found a small issue with the managed linker scripts. I was trying to use the ASSERT statement using the one from the CRP as an example. Here's the CRP snippet that LPCXpresso 7.4 generates.

/* Code Read Protect data */
. = 0x000002FC ;
ASSERT(!(__CRP_WORD_START__ == __CRP_WORD_END__), "Linker CRP Enabled, but no CRP_WORD provided within application");
/* End of Code Read Protect */

Note the semi colon at the rear of the ASSERT. So I copied that line into my non managed linker script in order to create a check for clashes in the heap and stack, like so:

PROVIDE(_pvHeapStart = .);
PROVIDE(_pvHeapLimit = __top_local_sram - 0x2000);
ASSERT(_pvHeapStart <= (_pvHeapLimit - 0x1000), "Not enough ram for specified heap and stack")
PROVIDE(_vStackTop = __top_local_sram - 32);

Note that the ASSERT has no semi colon. The reason being that I kept getting syntax errors from ld when one was there. I guess the difference is caused by the fact that the CRP one is at the end of a section, whereas mine has an additional PROVIDE statement following the ASSERT. The GNU ld manual states that ASSERT has no semi colon, but a PROVIDE does.

So if you agree then you can improve the managed script generation by not appending a semi colon behind ASSERT statements. It would have saved me a good 15 minutes of not understanding why my ASSERT did not parse as valid.

Kind regards,