debug problems lpc1225

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Roman on Mon Jun 20 01:05:22 MST 2011

I have started some project with LPC1225 and I have some strange problems with debugging
the firmware since the j-link was unable to halt the cpu. At first I thought it might
be the watchdog (on LPC1225 it is started by default) but after I modified the respective
scripts to disable it at start time the problem remained.
After series of test applications I have noticed that everything is working correctly as long as the application
is only a simple series of commands without any endless loop. When I add some loop e.g.

while (1) {
the debugger is unable to halt the cpu. It is however possible to download the application
and to use the halt cpu after some time. But I am unable to debug my application from the start.
One time just to verify this "loop theory" I have added empty loop and after that
I was not able to connect at all (only ISP erase helped).

Had anyone similar problems? Can I do something or set something or there is no help when there are loops involved... :)