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I'm havnig a little problem with interrupt.


In this picture is how I connect all wires. Don't look the chip, it's just so you can see where is the button. In reality chip is: lpc1343.

This are all connections http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-QqWyBNYHbxY/T_VNMUDh6dI/AAAAAAAAAMs/bpmduXOdscI/s1600/P7050004.JPG
In this picture you can see one LED, it's just so I could see if the interrupt is working right.
The program is always in one loop while (1), where the led is OFF, and when I press the button the led should be ON, and it should be always ON. But it's not, like the chip doesn't recognize interrupt.

LED is working perfectly, but I have problems whit this button, I'm not shure in the scheme anymore. (btw. that same scheme is working just fine on PIC18f456)

This is my code for main program:

int main (void)

  /* use port0_1 as input event, interrupt test. */
  GPIOSetDir( PORT2, 4, 0 );
  GPIOSetDir( PORT2, 1, 1 );
  /* port0_1, single trigger, active high. */
  GPIOSetInterrupt( PORT2, 4, 0, 0, 0 );
  GPIOIntEnable( PORT2, 4 );

  while( 1 ){
      GPIOSetValue( PORT2, 1, 0 );
      while (1){
      if (val!=0){
          GPIOSetValue( PORT2, 1, 1 );
This is interrupt code:

void PIOINT2_IRQHandler(void)
  uint32_t regVal;

  regVal = GPIOIntStatus( PORT2, 0 );
  if ( regVal )
    GPIOIntClear( PORT2, 0 );
val is global variable, so that I can use in all program...
Everything else is pretty much the same as their example on offical site...

Please help me, I've been doing it for so long....