code-red: disassembler mnemonics

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Using the code-red with lpcxpresso and 1343 I cannot find the reference for the source disassembler mnemonics that are displayed for the code red. So far, checking the ARM & thumb-2 reference manuals, and the gcc assembler manuals has not provided the clues.

Can someone please direct me to the assembler mnemonic tables that are used here? Where is the reference manual located?

For example, this is the main entry for Blinky. The instructions seem to be displayed as pseudo code? [I]movt, movw, mov.w[/I]?

[SIZE=2]0x0000015c <main+56>: ldr r2, [r2, #120]
[LEFT]0x0000015e <main+58>: movw r3, #0 ; 0x0
0x00000162 <main+62>: movt r3, #4096 ; 0x1000
0x00000166 <main+66>: ldr r1, [r3, #0]
0x00000168 <main+68>: udiv r1, r1, r2
0x0000016c <main+72>: movw r3, #34079 ; 0x851f
0x00000170 <main+76>: movt r3, #20971 ; 0x51eb
0x00000174 <main+80>: umull r2, r1, r3, r1
0x00000178 <main+84>: mov.w r1, r1, lsr #5
0x0000017c <main+88>: mov.w r0, #0 ; 0x0
0x00000180 <main+92>: add.w r1, r1, #4294967295 ; 0xffffffff
0x00000184 <main+96>: bl 0x52c <init_timer16>[/LEFT]

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