Requirements for stand-alone SWD connection to LPC11U14 target board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by stanimir on Wed Oct 09 12:06:38 MST 2013

I'm trying to connect the target part of the LPCXpresso to a SWD debugger. I was going to use JTAG but after a while I realized it can not be used as debugging interface, so I wen to try the SWD connection.

Here is what I did and didn't have any success. I tried with CrossConnect and ARM-USB-OCD debuggers in SWD mode.

1) I disconnected Link and Target boards by desoldering the pads in the middle of the J4 connector (the one between the two boards)
2) Made a cable between 20-pin header of the debugger and J4 part at the LPC11U14 target board with the following pins (as written in the Kit's schematics):

3) Powered the target board with 3.3V from external power supply
4) Connected debugger with the cable from 2)
5) Tried to connect using CrossStudio, both with their CrossWorks (JTAG/SWD debugger) and ARM-USB-OCD without any luck

What am I missing? Is there a problem that the SWD pins are not pulled-up, but connected straight to the debugger?
I checked that the signals are going to the board, also RESET is always HIGH. When trying to connect I see that the debugger is sending something trough the SWCLK and SWDIO but nothing after that.
Should I connect 3.3V between debugger and mcu or using external (grounded with the debugger) power supply is ok?