Using PIO0_10 means no JTAG and no debug?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by trryt on Mon May 03 03:04:39 MST 2010
I wanted to use 3 channel PWM so in my program I configured PIO0_10 as output:
LPC_IOCON->JTAG_TCK_PIO0_10 &= ~0x07;
LPC_IOCON->JTAG_TCK_PIO0_10 |= 0x03;
First time after doing that, I got an error on debug start (when my program has changed the pin function from JTAG to GPIO) and I found it normal.
But now when I try to modify the program the LPCXpresso can't connected with the target. Is this mean that mean that LPC1114 flashed with PIO0_10 configured as GPIO cannot be re-flashed with LPCLink any more??? Or is it some other error of LPCXpresso? Frankly speaking once in a few runs it cannot connect with the board from strange reasons. One thing I've noticed is that after a hibernation or sleeping the PC LPCXpresso cannot connect to LPCLink, but rebooting always helped.
Now it stops on 5%[Connect] Remote Configuration Complete and does not respond. The LPCLink LED is on.
I've tried to switch debugger to SWV and then I get an error:
Error launching Release\blinky.axf
Remote communication error: No error.
Is using the UART bootloader the only possibility to flash the LPC1114 or is just anothe error in LPCXpresso??